Friday, April 30, 2010

The C02 Virus Spreads to Australia

I (Tim) recently received a very encouraging email from a woman in Australia named Maree. In the email, she she shared some of her own journey with practicing C02 and how impactful this experience has been for her and her new friend, Sharon. I asked Maree if I could share her email with all of you and she gave me permission.

Hi Tim,
I'm responding to your blog post from April 5th about telling stories.
I've been watching the emergence of C02 with interest, reading the blogs and checking out the LK10, House2House and simple church websites since about July of last year when I decided (and was led) to leave my traditional Sunday Church.

Since then I've had a pretty incredible awakening and many, many stories to tell of God's great love and kindness to me during this "detox "phase.

I kept praying "What should I be doing??? Should I start something???

To which the reply came "I am building my church."
OK Lord, but I must have to do something????
"I am building my church."

So I relaxed and started C02 by myself, I'm pretty good at having conversations with myself !

I earnestly wanted to hear Gods voice. One day after a rave from me about wanting to hear his voice, "How can I be sure?" "How will I know it's you, etc. etc.,I heard very clearly, "YOU HEAR WELL ....JUST BELIEVE."

Well how AMAZING is that! It completely shifted my mindset and belief. Heaps of stuff has happened and I feel so empowered, motivated, humble and privileged to be on this new trajectory and journey with my Lord.

Interestingly, every time I've gone onto the LK10 site a little voice has told me "You're not a church planter, what are you doing signing up here, this is not for people like you, what do you know about church planting."
Recently I heard another voice tell me, "You Daughter will be a church planter, 2 by 2."

Any way it's several months down the track, I recently met Sharon, we were camped next to each other at a Easter Music Festival. I was telling her and her husband Jim about C02 and before I could finish she jumped out of her camp chair grabbed my hand, shook it, and said "I'll do it with you!"

So for the past 3 weeks we have been C02'ing even though we are about 1,000 km's apart. We have both been incredibly blessed and excited about what God is doing. Sharon and Jim have had a church at home for a couple of years.

We want to start a blog and we would like permission to use the C02 videos, etc. We would like to put it in an Aussie context and generate some "local" interest. I have yet to sign up for LK10, I will do it soon but in the meantime I thought I would share a bit of my story. Sharon has some great stories too, and together we are very thankful to you guys and our Lord for this amazing, simple idea that is so fresh and uplifting .

We look forward to the days ahead, hearing God's voice and seeing his Kingdom Come!

P.S I am going to attend the annual conference in Dallas, a side trip for me from a holiday with my 3 sisters. I'm very excited.

What a great story, thanks for sharing it Maree. How about you? Know of a story that "must be told?"
If so, drop me an email at

Monday, April 26, 2010

C02: Transformational or Hokey?

In this Part 2 of a conversation with Tim Morris, we continue our conversation about the impact that practicing C02 has had in his life.

We discuss the simple nature of the two practices and consider whether C02 is really transformational or if it is "hokey."

What are your thoughts about C02? How has practicing these two simple practices impacted you?

Share your experience and your thoughts in the comments below.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

C02 & The Potential for Inner Healing

A major part of the power of practicing C02 is that we get to connect with both God and others at a deep level and in doing so, we are inevitably changed. In this regard, C02 is a transformational practice or discipline. As we listen to the Lord, He might tell us to do something - to be "missional" - or He might tell us to do nothing; to cease striving and to be still. For many of you, however, I would suspect that as you have practiced C02, you have begun to hear the Lord speaking words directly to you, about you. Words that reflect how the Father sees you, and how the Father loves you and how He delights in you. Words that any child would expect to hear from the perfect parent.

Recently, I (Tim Pynes) sat down at a local diner here in Denver to have a conversation with Tim Morris (pictured), a local house church leader, and to hear about the transformational power that God has begun to manifest in his life as a result of practicing C02. In the following audio recording (Part 1 of 2) you will hear Tim begin to share of how God has begun to heal some of the deep wounds of his heart as he has listened deeply and regularly to the Lord and as he has begun to connect with other men at a heart level using SASHET.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Transformational Power of Stories

By now (assuming you have been following this blog for awhile), you know how powerful it is to hear the stories of others who are on a similar journey to you. Be it a video, or an audio recording, or good ol' fashioned text, few things have the transformational power of a story that connect with your heart and/or awakens you to new possibilities.

As Ivan Illich once said, the way you begin to change a culture is to "tell an alternative story."
That is what this blog is all about. Telling the "stories that must be told." And, we have devoted a quite a few of the 75 posts - to date - to tell you the stories of others who are experiencing and witnessing God in their midst.

Now it is your turn.

What story or stories have you been witness to that must be told?
Where have you seen God at work in your house church or in the process of practicing the two disciplines that make up "C02?" What has been the fruit that God has brought forth as you have begun to connect more intentionally with your own heart, the hearts of others, and with God?

Send us your story that must be told. Make a video of the story, or let us call you to record it over the phone, or simply write the story up. Let us know that you have a story that must be told and we'll help you get it on to this blog.

Drop me (Tim) an email at and I'll be in touch with you to help you tell the story of what God is doing in your midst.

And the journey continues...