Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Foundations Course

Over the last 15-20 years, many in the LK10 Community have been on a journey with the Lord to learn how to tap into the New Wine necessary for the New Wineskins (house churches).  In other words, how does a house church actually become a "vibrant family of Jesus"?

In the LK10 Foundations Courses, we make available to you what we have learned from the Lord through years of practice.  This Course is an opportunity for you to learn simple but powerful practical practices and tools for walking with the Spirit as an individual and as a community.  The goal of the Course is not just to learn theory but to become practitioners.

To learn more about the Foundations Course, watch this short video and then read the information at the bottom of the page.

Course Description...

Each Foundation Course takes place in the context of a small "learning community" (6 to 12 people) called a cohort.  The Course lasts for six weeks.  Here are the key elements...

1.  Weekly learning assignments.  Articles to read and videos to watch that explain "foundational" practices and the Biblical basis.
2.  CO2 (Church of Two).  This might be a married couple or two men or two women.  For six weeks, you will practice key rhythms daily with this one other person.  Our conviction is that the CO2 is the basic building block of all larger expressions of church.  We are following Jesus' model of putting people in pairs (Mt. 10) and sending them out together.  For more information on the CO2, see the CO2 video and flyer in the right column of this site.
3.  Online Forum (Facebook Group, etc).  Regular posting to a forum where you discuss insights, comments, experiences, questions with the rest of your cohort.
4.  Individual Coaching Appointments with the leader of your cohort.  At least two one-on-one sessions during the Course.  We want you to experience the value of this kind of coaching.
5.  Conference calls with your cohort.  At least two calls with your cohort during the Course to share comments, experiences and questions with the rest of your cohort.

Want to know more about the values and practices of LK10 Community?  In the right column of this blog, see the many posts under "Topics".  Questions about the Foundations Course?  Contact John White at

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