Monday, February 28, 2011

CO2 virus spreading around the world

Margie James, who is part of the Australian Cohort in the LK10 Apprenticeship, just returned from India where she and her husband attended the Global Summit on Market Ministries. (Speakers included Victor Choudrie, Tony Dale and Wolfgang Simson.)

Margie was delighted to find the CO2 "virus" spreading there in India.

Here's her report...

"...let me tell you about several people we met at the Global Summit who were doing CO2 or had completed The Apprenticeship! We had much to share and I was HAPPY to tell everyone about our Aussie Apprentice Cohorts!

Almost 200 delegates from around the world were introduced to the smallest form of church and we shared some of the practices with those who were interested to know more. Some already were aware of and others were eager to know! We were able to direct them to the LK.10 website! It was awesome to meet people on the same heart journey!"

Maree Watson, who is also part of the Australian Cohort responds... "Beautiful! and how fab that the co2 virus is spreading all around the world."

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Apprenticeship: Daily?

I appreciate the way so many of you have responded thoughtfully to my message about recommitting to the daily rhythms of the Apprenticeship.

Here are two of the comments...

"Listened to John's encouragement to be faithful to our committment in the apprenticeship. It really is important to meet daily. We are seeing results from those who are meeting daily on facebook. I also want to encourage everyone to set up your coaching appointments. Cathy had her first one with Wade last night and she was surprised on what came out. She said it was unexpected and powerful."

"I watched the video that John White made about commitment to checking in and such. This apprenticeship has been life changing to me. This is so exciting to me and I enjoy practicing what I learn and hear. I really liked how John mentioned about reaching out to the ones that haven't spoke so much. So I want my friends to know that I really enjoy the input that is given in this group because it helps me learn and grow. Everyone here is so amazingly gifted by God and each of you have touched my life in some way! So thanks a bunches! ♥"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pray for Noah and Kate in New Zealand

Noah and Kate Cremisino were house church leaders in Denver and members of the Luke Ten Community. Last year, they were sent to Christchurch, New Zealand by the Denver Network of house churches. (See the video below which was shot in Jan 2010).

In addition to being a church planter, Noah is the graphic artist who has been doing the amazing design work on the LK10 Apprenticeship eWorkbook.

The picture to the right is what many traditional churches look like in Christchurch after the earthquake. Here's Noah's request: "Please pray that God will birth hundreds of simple communities from this situation... especially considering that SO many institutional churches will be unusable for quite awhile." The info below is to help us pray for Noah and Kate. For more, go to Noah's Facebook page.


Email from Noah to the Apprenticeship...

Thank you all for keeping us in prayer!

We're doing okay. Personally we've sustained a fair bit of damage around our house (mostly external, but also decor and dishes) but it seems relatively sound structurally speaking. No power, no water, no sewer - they say it could be months for sewer/water as the infrastructure has been severely damaged. We're currently staying with some friends outside of the city and seeking God about how we can best help the devastated folks within Christchurch.

Funny how all theory goes out the window when stuff gets this real. It's time for real answers and a living, breathing experience with God. Please, please keep the people of Christchurch in your prayers - a disaster of this size hasn't happened in New Zealand for over 130 years and the people will be taking it very hard. We very much want to bring the peace of God to these people and connect them with meaningful, Jesus-centered community. Please pray that God will birth hundreds of simple communities from this situation... especially considering that SO many institutional churches will be unusable for quite awhile.

Blessings and keep up the good work!!

Noah (& Kate) -- Christchurch, New Zealand

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Message from John to the Apprenticeship

As we enter the Fourth Week of the Apprenticeship, I have an important message for everyone who is on this journey. Please watch the video below and discuss it on your cohort forum this week.

I also want to encourage you with just a few of the many excellent postings from the various cohorts. Thanks so much for the time and effort you are investing!


"I am learning to talk to the Holy Spirit during this Apprenticeship. Never done that before so much. But, it feels refreshing to ask questions to the right person. I really like the concept of seeing the Holy Spirit as The Coach."

(After watching the interview with Mark Virkler) "God is using this man and the revelation about hearing God's voice through tuning into the flow of spontaneous thoughts and journaling to radically change people and bring them into intimacy with Himself. I am one."

"Listening and tuning into flow has become a part of my day as naturally as relating to my own family. I cannot go a day without touching base with Jesus, it is so natural to listen now... I want to recognize His voice each day even in the most mundane activities. It still thrills me each time I journal. It is a miracle!"

"Checking in tonight as excited because I just had a conversation with Jesus. I watched the last three videos for the week and really liked what Marty said about making the switch from "missional" to "incarnational". I asked the Lord what that looks like to really have His word in me and living that out in my life. I felt like He said "I just want to live My life with you, in you and through you. It's simple really. You don't have to make it hard, you don't have to make stuff up. Just listen to what I have to say and then let that lead you throughout your day. Don't stop talking to me or listening to me just because you get busy. I'm right there with you in the middle of your life. Don't stop the conversation. I'll keep talking to you, leading you. Pay attention to the still small voice inside you and you'll see Me at work throughout your day, your week, your life." I look forward to what He's going to say tomorrow, or even tonight while I sleep. Good night to my fellow God-listeners."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Colorado All-Gathering

Some time ago, we felt that the Lord said to us: "Smaller still and wider yet".

What we think He was saying was that the house church sized group was very important but that there was more. "Smaller still" led us to the concept of the CO2 (the church of two) as the basic building block of house churches. There are critical functions that can happen with two followers of Jesus who connect daily that can't happen with a house church sized group.

"Wider yet" led us to the city or regional network. One expression of this in Colorado is a quarterly All-Gathering. The video below gives a picture of what this gathering is like. This was a thoroughly delightful Saturday (Feb. 5, 2011) spent with followers of Jesus from all over Colorado. It was both highly participatory and well organized at the same time.

Our sense is that the Lord is saying to us, "You are learning how to do this with hundreds (of people) in preparation of the day when there will be thousands." We also know that there are many other places around the US where this kind of regional network is emerging.

For more specifics about this particular All-Gathering, see:


Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Power of Vulnerability

I have no idea if this lady, Brene Brown, is a Christian and she certainly doesn't quote the Bible. Nonetheless, what she says, rings true for me.  "For connection to occur, we have to allow ourselves to be seen, really seen...  Vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, of creativity, of belonging, of love...  It's the starting place for being wholehearted."

My sense is that it has huge implications for how (and why) we "check in" (SASHET) with ourselves, with our friends and with the Lord. And, for how we do church. See what you think.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coaching Tips

It's important to note that we are not using this word (coaching) in the same way that it's used in sports. ("Vince Lombardi was a famous football coach.") Rather, what we mean is a person who helps another person get clarity about what God is doing (or saying) in their lives. When done well, this kind of coaching can be a powerful tool for transformation and growth.

Coaching is a key skill in the LK10 Community.  Our belief is that all of us can benefit from being coached and all of us can help others by growing in our ability to coach.  In the video below, Tim Pynes and I offer a few thoughts on how coaching is done.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Facebook as a community building tool

One of the reasons the church in Acts was powerful was that they met daily (Acts 2:46).  But, most of our house churches only meet weekly.  So, what do we do?  We have to look for creative solutions!

One solution is the formation of CO2s (churches of two) within each larger house church.  Another solution is the formation of a private Facebook group which allows the members of a house church to connect on a more regular basis.

We've also used Facebook groups as a way for the cohorts in the Foundation Courses (previously the Apprenticeship) to connect with one another.  Many of us have been surprised at the level of comment that has developed in this context.

Rose and Desi Starr are house church leaders and cohort coaches in the Apprenticeship. In the video below, Rose shares what it has been like to be a busy mother of four little ones and still engage with her cohort on Facebook.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Micro loans and house churches

LK10 Apprenticeship: The Larger Story

One of the seven cohorts in the Apprenticeship is the African Cohort which is coached by Walt Hastings and Hobby Chapin. This Cohort consists of African house church leaders (most are from Kenya) in 6 CO2s.

One of Walt's recent coaching calls illustrates a key value that we hold in LK10. That is, that "mission flows from listening". There is much talk today about "the missional church". But, the question is how does a church (or an individual) become "missional". Our belief is that someone doesn't become missional by focusing on being missional. Rather, mission is a by-product of listening to God. We encourage people to focus on listening (rather than mission) and we see mission flowing naturally and spontaneously from that.

This story from Walt is a great illustration of this principle! As you listen to this interview, also listen to the Coach (the Paraklete) and see if He wants you to join Walt in exploring this project. If He does, email Walt at

One last thing, if you are reading this, please share this with your cohort and encourage them to watch this video. Thanks!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Wade's melted heart

The Larger Story

Wade Adams leads (along with Jim Mellon) the cohort centered in Killeen, TX. Here's what Wade posted on his cohort's forum today (shared with permission)...

"Checking in as Tender. My heart is melted at the community we are experiencing in our cohort. I echo much of what was said last night on our (cohort conference) call about connecting daily. I have been reading a book called Revolution (by Barna?) as well as Acts this week. The idea of the Church meeting daily has really been resonating with me."

Yes!!! This is what we though could happen in the cohorts. More of my thoughts below.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cohort Tip: Listening to the Coach

Anyone who has attended school for any length of time has had lots of practice with the analyzing skill. Solve this word problem. Evaluate John Steinbeck as a writer. Analyze the causes of World War Two.

The four assignment in each chapter of our eWorkbook (three Learning Assignments and Further Resources) require a very different skill. This video explains the learnable skill of listening to the Coach.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cohort Tips: Think Like a Missionary

This is the first week of the LK10 Apprenticeship. Here in this blog I will be sharing stories about how it's going and tips for the participants on how to get the most out of this 12 week learning experience. (Cohort tips are at the bottom of the post).


*We ask the participants to check in daily with their cohort in a Discussion Forum. Here's what a lady in Sean and Desi's cohort wrote today:

Reading these comments makes me feel like I am among like minded folks. Many years in the traditional church I was looked at as sort of a rogue for saying no to opportunities to serve that I felt left me too depleted to serve my own family. I have always felt like if I don't have an honest open connection with my own husband and kids and yet seek to go about creating that outside my home, well, it's kind of a sham. Checking in Co2 style is so beautifully simple and yet so sublimely powerful. It really staves off isolation, which has a tendency to creep in before we even realize it."

Every cohort connects every other week on a conference call. Here's a glimpse into the Australian cohort:

"Just to let you know The Aussie Cohort has met for 90 mins on a skype call. We spent time getting to know each other, we did SASHET and had a listening time then shared and prayed for each other. It was Great!

Sharon, Jim and Graeme are experiencing wild weather with a category 1 cyclone and another big one on the way from FIJI. So while the storm was raging outside we had a sense of "Be still and know that I am God".

Margie and I both got the old song "Bind us together Lord" @ the same time!

Margie and Dave leave for India tomorrow with our prayers and full of excitement about CO2

A great start and we look forward to welcoming you Tim (Pynes) as our leader.

I'm excited and happy & praying for the other cohorts.


Cohort Tips: