Wednesday, April 21, 2010

C02 & The Potential for Inner Healing

A major part of the power of practicing C02 is that we get to connect with both God and others at a deep level and in doing so, we are inevitably changed. In this regard, C02 is a transformational practice or discipline. As we listen to the Lord, He might tell us to do something - to be "missional" - or He might tell us to do nothing; to cease striving and to be still. For many of you, however, I would suspect that as you have practiced C02, you have begun to hear the Lord speaking words directly to you, about you. Words that reflect how the Father sees you, and how the Father loves you and how He delights in you. Words that any child would expect to hear from the perfect parent.

Recently, I (Tim Pynes) sat down at a local diner here in Denver to have a conversation with Tim Morris (pictured), a local house church leader, and to hear about the transformational power that God has begun to manifest in his life as a result of practicing C02. In the following audio recording (Part 1 of 2) you will hear Tim begin to share of how God has begun to heal some of the deep wounds of his heart as he has listened deeply and regularly to the Lord and as he has begun to connect with other men at a heart level using SASHET.

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  1. Great stuff Tim - Thanks for sharing your transformation. I am going to send this on...
    PS- the background music as you were talking about SASHET was "More than a FEELING" by Boston :)