Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Apprenticeships (2)

Many of you who read this blog are familiar with CO2s. The CO2 ("church of two") concept has now become a primary spiritual discipline for hundreds of people. It's origins were from a time just over a year ago when the Lord brought together a number of elements (SASHET, Virkler, pairs, etc.) in to a new "container".

Our sense is that He is doing a similar thing with the Apprenticeship this fall. Many of the elements and concepts are familiar but they are coming together in a new "container". We think this 12 week experience will be a context that God will use to train many people in Kingdom rhythms in the years to come. Those of you who make the commitment this fall will have the opportunity to help shape the process. Two cohorts (10 people each) are already "in". We have room for 10 more.

So, ask the Lord if He want you to join us. If you are interested, shoot me an email and say "send me info on the Apprenticeship". DenverWH@aol.com



  1. John I am look so forward to the Apprenticeship. Hope to see you at the House2House Conference.

  2. Me too, Wade! Our cohort is now full. We actually ended up with 6 pairs (CO2s) instead of 5. I'm setting up a Facebook discussion group today and will invite you and the rest into it. Looking forward to meeting you in person at the H2H Conference.