Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Methodist House Churches?

I've just returned from the National House Church Conference in Jacksonville, FL.  It was a wonderful time with 180 participants, 80% of whom had never attended the Conference before.  One observation is that the Lord is increasingly drawing people in traditional churches (Baptist, Methodist, etc.) to consider house churches.  The brief interview below with Rev. Nicole Reilley, a Methodist pastor from the LA area, is one of many examples of this encouraging development.

To all of these brave pioneers who are moving towards the house church model, I feel the Lord wants me to ask a question again that I posed in a post a few weeks ago.  Did John Wesley, who was an amazing house church planter in his day, make a fundamental mistake?  And, if he did, will we make the same mistake?  To see my take on Wesley's "fundamental mistake", see this post

Why did Wesley make this major "mistake"?  This link probably explains the reason:

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