Monday, December 19, 2011

What happens in a Foundations Course?

The video above is an interview with Walt Hastings who is one of our LK10 Coaches.  Walt has just finished leading one of the Cohorts in our six week Foundations Course and is describing what happened during the Course.  (See below for comments from members of that Cohort.)

Five new Cohorts are beginning in January.  One in Africa.  Two in Australia.  Two in the US.  To find out more information and to register see the right column.  Further questions?  Send me an email at 

John White

Comments from members of Walt's Cohort...

Phyllis:  I had gotten God's messages before, but had never thought of it as hearing His voice. I had never tried a dedicated "listening time" before either. So I guess you'd have to say I am leaps and bounds beyond where I was.  I'd love to live my whole life as a "listening time"...   The class has emphasized for me that "church" is about relationship (to God and to each other) more than it is about worship. Worship flows from the relationship. 

Joseph:  The class has strengthened my marriage. We have checked in with each using "SASHET", which helps us to state where we are much more quickly. Sometimes we can't put emotions into words but this method helps. The class also has helped me to be more in tune to God and to listen to Him.  

Angie:  My highlight was meeting new people.  I also liked the roadmap that LK10 presented.  Doing check-ins using SASHET helped me understand where others are and be more tender toward them. I learned to listen to others, without offering advice. I was able to hear God's Voice every day and journal. I am appreciating that God wants to be with me each day, and that He desires relationship. Observing Walt when coaching allowed me to see a good example of listening well and asking good questions, without telling people what to do.   

Troy:  I liked the course material, especially how the role of the Holy Spirit was presented. It was great having a coach to whom to be accountable. My coach made observations and asked good questions that led to personal growth.  I also like the training options for the future that LK10 is planning.   

Raymond:  For me, the highlight has been the Skype session with the group. The fellowship with the other members in Skype was so welcome and refreshing. One member came through with some useful info on home churches that he sent to me. It has been a great encouragement to me to have fellowship with others of like mind and desires.  

Audrey:  I've learned better skills for listening to God.  Taking out more quiet times to spend with God, has made my relationship with Jesus seem more real to me...  I think that just knowing someone is committed to connecting with me each day (CO2) is pretty great, as well as knowing that I have a non-judgmental ear ready to listen to what's going on with me... When we arrive at our church meeting, I already feel connected to her, not like I'm only seeing her for the first or second time during the week. 

Bob:  I see more clearly the presence of Jesus in people in our cohort. I have new friends via the cohort. I want to hear what God does in their lives in the future, and to find opportunities to encourage them in their journey. 

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