Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tony Dale: LK10 adds the personal touch

House2House Ministries and the LK10 Ministries are two of the organizations serving the growing house church movement.  While I (John White) am the Director of LK10, I also serve on the Board of Directors of House2House.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Austin, TX for a meeting of the Board of House2House at Tony and Felicity Dale's home.  Tony and Felicity are good friends and we've been involved with them in the house church movement for over twelve years.

In this video, I asked Tony to comment on some of the ways that these two ministries compliment each other.  One of his observations was that LK10 adds "the personal touch".  And, that's exactly right.  I wish you could see what is going on in the Foundations One Courses that just started.  These are small virtual groups of 8 to 12 people (we call them cohorts) where people are learning in the context of community.  In addition to the "personal touch" of the cohort community, each person receives one on one coaching every other week.  If this sounds good to you, consider being part of next round of courses.

Update from the LK10 Equipping Center:

*Two Foundation One Courses are just starting up with participants from Colorado, Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, Minnesota, Florida and Alberta (CAN).  One of the amazing things we've learned from these Courses is how significant community can develop in these virtual learning environments.  We'll let you know when new Courses are starting.

*A Foundations One Course will soon be starting with leaders from several African countries.

*We've had to postpone the beginning of The Family Blessing Course.  We'll let you know the new start date.

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