Monday, June 25, 2012

Bob Logan passes on the 10:2b Virus

Ten years ago, the Lord taught my friend, Kenny Moore, and me what we came to call "the leadership solution".  That was the answer to this key question: where do you get the leaders for a church planting movement?  What we knew was that, if you have the leaders, planting churches was not difficult.  But where do the leaders come from?

We learned that the answer to that question is found in Luke 10:2.  The needed leaders come from the Lord of the harvest.  And, the part we play, as the Lord explained in that same verse, is to "Beseech the Him to thrust out workers into the harvest".  The Lord further instructed us to begin to teach this concept at every opportunity.  We found that whenever we did, people quickly "got" it and began teaching it to others.  Soon, we began calling this "the 10:2b virus".  (The whole 10:2b story is here:

Some years later we taught this principle to Neil Cole who began to encourage people to set the alarm on their phones to go off at 10:02 am to remind them to pray this prayer.  Now, Bob Logan, church planting expert, is passing on the 10:2b Virus through his blog below.

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