Monday, September 17, 2012

"This is the way church is supposed to be."

How long does it take for genuine New Testament community to develop?

Years?  Months?  Weeks?

How about three days?

Most Christian conferences are characterized by "big name" speakers.  The "sage on the stage".  The aims of our conference were different.  We wanted every attender to experience genuine NT community.  This is where people connect on a heart level (not just the head level).  It's where everyone has the experience of listening to God and sharing what they hear.  Where everyone has a voice.

The second annual LK10 Conference was held over the recent Labor Day weekend at the Ponderosa Conference Center between Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado.  At the Conference, everyone was divided into nine "table churches".  (Table churches because we began each day meeting with our church over the breakfast table.)  Each day the churches intentionally engaged in the two spiritual rhythms that we teach in the LK10 Community.  

1.  Intentionally connecting on a heart level using a tool called SASHET.  (see the tags for much more on this tool)
2.  Intentionally listening to God as a group for his agenda for our time together.

The result?  People quickly bonded with each other in the Spirit.  Even with people they had never met before.  And, significant transformation occurred in almost every life.  Even people who had never experienced simple church previously, went home saying this is what I want for church and I see now how it can happen.  Experiential learning.  Way more powerful than the "sage on the stage"!

Here's one story from the Conference...

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