Wednesday, October 17, 2012

House church wasn't always life giving for Steve

Great news!  I am excited to announce that the new LK10 website is up!  Soon, we will stop posting to this blog (Stories from the Revolution) and we will only post to the blog on the new website.  So, let me encourage you to go there and subscribe to that blog.  You will see how to do that on the front page.

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Here's the link to our new website:

John White

Now, on to today's video...

Steve Sheller, from Colorado Springs, CO, was part of a house church for six years.  However, it wasn't a very life giving experience.  To Steve, it seemed like wandering the the wilderness, never getting to a destination.  In the last year, however, something has changed.  House church has become what he always hoped it would be.  In this interview, done at the LK10 Conference over the Labor Day weekend (2012), Steve shares the specifics about what transformed church for him.

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