Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Overview of C02 - Video

C02 Overview from tim pynes on Vimeo.

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  1. Hello, my name is Gimel and I am apart of the network of House2House here in Texas. I would like to share my experience with opening up your life with another child of God.
    Five years ago, the Lord sends me on this journey of what this "Christian" walk was all about. Born and raised in religion and receiving Christ at a young age, caused me to embrace a "culture" opposed from a "Person." Long story short, while going through this "purging" process, I felt extremely alone and at times crazy, meaning, I had no one to "bounce" things off of...a David without a Jonathan. I then looked to the Lord to send me someone to truly fellowship with. Within two weeks of that prayer a brother, whom I knew before, but just recommitted his life to the Lord, called me, and called me, and called the point that we have been fellowshipping our faith and spiritual journey everyday for the past five years. Though my brother is in Kentucky our hearts are one in Christ and we have grown immensely from it. Soon after, we presented our fellowship to the Father and placed it solely on the bases of Christ and not our natural friendship.

    I said all of that to testify that what you are suggesting is not merely something to "try," but something truly set up by God and grace is ready for those who desire it. I also wanted to add that the reason the Lord set them up by two was based from one thing..."help."
    If I had anything to humbly "suggest", it would be for others to look to the Lord for that "helper," opposed from "electing" someone based upon personal biases.

    What the waterer is to the one that sows.
    What the Woman was to Adam.
    What Melchizedec was to Abram.
    What John the Baptist was to Christ.
    What the right foot is to the one in this walk should be corporately "alone."

    Thank You