Thursday, October 22, 2009

CO2 Day Twenty Three: Digging Deeper into SASHET (1)

"How are you?"

"I'm fine. How are you?"

"I'm fine."

How many times have you had that conversation with Christian friends at church or in other settings? We want to go deeper but we're not always sure how to do it. SASHET gives us a simple tool to do just that. To begin to develop heart level relationships.

At first glance, this tool appears so simple that we are tempted to dismiss it. Take a look at this 3 minute video where Tod Brown takes us deeper into SASHET. (Scroll all the way down.)

What are you experiencing with SASHET?



  1. Tod hit on something that we have found to be important when we SASHET. My wife is my Co2 partner and we are in the midst of some major transitions in our life right now that have caused a lot of frustration. SASHET has helped get to the root of those frustrations. Instead of simply stopping the conversation with, "I'm frustrated!", we are better able to get to the anger or sadness or fear behind the frustration. Good stuff.

  2. I think Lori and I have both experienced that we are more aware of our feelings throughout the day. Not just simply bypassing those but being contemplative about them. The "whys" behind them. The being honest in exchanging them with another human being who is not our spouse. It's made me aware of how little I talk about feelings with my kids, so as part of our homeschooling, I'm going to implement SASHET with them. Lori and I also got some information on Psalms and writing Psalms, and just the honesty of emotions in them as well. So we may use some of our journal time to explore writing our feelings to God in a psalm type of format.