Saturday, January 16, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

I know Christmas is over but this is a story you need to hear.

Coach Bill received direction from the Lord about caring for a family in need over Christmas. Specifically, he was to use a "program" called "The 12 days of Christmas". He shared this with his sister, Kay, and then they shared with the whole house church.

The result? One family with three small children received a huge dose of God's love in a time of need.

The point? It's not that we should all plan on doing "The 12 days of Christmas" for someone next year. Rather, it is that "mission flows from listening". Imagine hundreds of house churches across your city allowing God to direct them to minister in unique and creative ways to people in need.

Watch this video to see the story unfold. (Make sure you turn up the sound.)

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