Monday, March 1, 2010

C02 spreads to England (3)

Chris Jefferies attended the House2House Conference in Dallas last September. At the conference, Chris became "infected" with the CO2 (church of two) virus. When Chris returned home to Cambridgeshire, England he began to share C02 with others. As a result, other people in his part of England are starting to get "infected" with the same virus. Observation: The CO2 virus seems to be "sneezeable."

Here's an excerpt from his post:

As far as I'm aware nobody was doing CO2 in the UK until I brought it here from Dallas in September 2009. I'd like to outline the history of it since then.

Infections follow a pattern that is true for viruses, bacteria, trees, rabbits, and even us humans. The stages of this pattern are...

Infection > Latency > Spread > Symptoms > Impact > Dieback

Lets look at these one by one.

Infection - In this stage an active form spreads to a new home. With a cold virus, you might breathe in virus laden particles after someone with a cold sneezed. Or you might touch a contaminated object and then transfer the virus to your mouth or eyes.

The active form of CO2 is the knowledge of what it is, how to do it, and the value it brings. By the time I returned from Dallas I was already infected.

Latency - This is the time during which nothing much seems to happen. The cold virus has to enter a living cell, a seed takes time to absorb water and germinate. During the latent period something essential has to happen but there is no sign of it yet.

In the case of CO2 I needed to find someone who wanted to hear about it and do it with me. Until I found that person, the CO2 virus was present in the UK - but latent.

Continue reading Chris' post on the early stages of the spread of C02 in his part of England from his blog.

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