Friday, March 5, 2010

Chadd & Nancy Schroeder - Guadalajara, Mexico - Part 1

Chadd and Nancy Schroeder are missionaries in Guadalajara, Mexico. Along with their three daughters, they are involved in helping to plant simple churches and helping to identify and support & encourage men and women whom God has prepared for leadership in the Church in Mexico. In this Part 1 of a conversation, Chadd shares about the work he and Nancy have been involved with in Mexico and how they underwent a major shift from planting and leading a traditional, attractional model of church to helping identify and equip men and women of peace whom God had preveniently called to lead and oversee simple/house churches.

You can follow the Schroeder's and their story by visiting their blog at this link.

Here's the conversation...

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  1. Thoughtful and appropriate. Thanks Chadd for honestly taking us through a part of your story.