Tuesday, November 16, 2010

LK10 Apprenticeship: Week Eight (3)

Here's the best definition of the LK10 Apprenticeship: a small "community of practice" (a cohort of 12 people) that creates a powerful learning environment.

Our learning is focused on three foundational rhythms or practices...

1. Individually learning to pay attention to both our own hearts and God's heart.
2. Learning to pay attention in these two areas with one other person. We call this a CO2 (church of two).
3. Learning to pay attention in these areas with a small family like group. We call this a house church or simple church.

The learning environment of the Apprenticeship is the result of the synergy of several different components. In the last two posts we heard from Jim Mellon and Wade Adams about

1. The weekly learning assignments
2. The private Facebook discussion group
3. The CO2

In the video below Jim and Wade talk about two more components: coaching and group conference calls.


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