Sunday, December 12, 2010

Three leaders talk about SASHET

To be effective, a house church must become a genuine community. Simply meeting together once a week isn't enough. Hearts must be knit together. As John Eldredge says, we must become "intimate allies".

SASHET is a simple but extraordinarily powerful tool toward the goal of genuine community. We teach this to all of our house church leaders and church planters. Recently, I interviewed three leaders about SASHET. I think you will find their comments below to be very helpful.

For more on SASHET, scroll down the right side of this blog to TOPICS. Then, keep going until you find SASHET. 25 postings on this subject so far. (In case you haven't noticed, there is a whole education on topics like listening to God and house church life in the TOPICS section of this blog.)

The LK10 Apprenticeship. (Our leadership training intensive - 12 weeks with groups of 12 people.) We've just finished the Fall session and are making plans for the Spring session which will begin on the last Sunday in January. More information how to sign up for the Spring session soon. Stay tuned to this blog.


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