Sunday, December 5, 2010

Using CO2s to Plant House Churches

About a year ago, Sean Hyatt (Aurora, CO) felt the Lord directing him to begin doing a CO2 (church of two) with his family. (Since this included his wife and three children, it really was a CO5!) Sean has been faithful in this for almost a year now. See my four part interview with him here:

Scripture says that, if we are faithful in small things, God will give us greater opportunities (Lk. 19:17). That's exactly what has happened with Sean. The Lord has now brought people to Sean from three different cities in Colorado who want to learn how to start house churches (ie, 10:2b answers!). In each case, Sean is using a CO2 with these men to train them how to start churches in their homes. See the video below for the full story.

My sense is that the Lord is raising up a growing number of "Seans" to be church planters. The "virus" is spreading!


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