Sunday, January 30, 2011

Using the Foundation Course to start churches

One powerful way to start new churches is to have a whole group of people go through the Foundation Course (previous called the Apprenticeship) together.  The goals of this Course are to help people learn how to listen to their own hearts, to the hearts of those in their church and, most importantly, to God's heart.

We also want people to understand the principle of "smaller still".  That is, that house church is not the smallest expression of church.  The smallest expression is the CO2 (church of two) and house churches made up of multiple CO2s are much stronger and more dynamic than those that aren't.

By going through the Foundation Course together, a house church is birthed with people who are on the "same page" in terms of the values and practices.  This really allows a house church to hit the ground running.

In the video below, Jim Mellon, network leader in central Texas, explains how the Course has been of value to his network.


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