Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cohort Tips: Think Like a Missionary

This is the first week of the LK10 Apprenticeship. Here in this blog I will be sharing stories about how it's going and tips for the participants on how to get the most out of this 12 week learning experience. (Cohort tips are at the bottom of the post).


*We ask the participants to check in daily with their cohort in a Discussion Forum. Here's what a lady in Sean and Desi's cohort wrote today:

Reading these comments makes me feel like I am among like minded folks. Many years in the traditional church I was looked at as sort of a rogue for saying no to opportunities to serve that I felt left me too depleted to serve my own family. I have always felt like if I don't have an honest open connection with my own husband and kids and yet seek to go about creating that outside my home, well, it's kind of a sham. Checking in Co2 style is so beautifully simple and yet so sublimely powerful. It really staves off isolation, which has a tendency to creep in before we even realize it."

Every cohort connects every other week on a conference call. Here's a glimpse into the Australian cohort:

"Just to let you know The Aussie Cohort has met for 90 mins on a skype call. We spent time getting to know each other, we did SASHET and had a listening time then shared and prayed for each other. It was Great!

Sharon, Jim and Graeme are experiencing wild weather with a category 1 cyclone and another big one on the way from FIJI. So while the storm was raging outside we had a sense of "Be still and know that I am God".

Margie and I both got the old song "Bind us together Lord" @ the same time!

Margie and Dave leave for India tomorrow with our prayers and full of excitement about CO2

A great start and we look forward to welcoming you Tim (Pynes) as our leader.

I'm excited and happy & praying for the other cohorts.


Cohort Tips:

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