Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Church - incompatible with genuine community?

15 years ago, Jeff and Mary Power finished seminary and moved to the suburb of Broomfield, CO (between Denver and Boulder) with the vision of starting a church that functioned as a genuine community.  Ten years later two things were true...

1.  Jeff and his leadership team were exhausted.
2.  They had concluded that the demands of starting and maintaining a traditional church (preaching great sermons, developing meaningful programs, recruiting people, etc.) were incompatible with their vision of genuine community.

As a result, Jeff and his leaders decided to close the church down.

Over the next five years, a number of people in that church remained friends.  Recently, they asked us to help them explore the idea of starting house churches in Broomfield.

Jeff is not alone.  More than 1500 pastors a month are leaving the ministry in America.  Many are questioning if the standard paradigm of church is either consistent with Scripture or healthy for the people involved.

Here's Jeff's story...

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