Sunday, November 1, 2009

Digging Deeper into SASHET - Part 2

Tod Brown shares more about the power of using the tool - SASHET - to connect with our own heart and with others.

Here's a quote from the brief video:  "When we're listening deeply to each other - because Jesus is present - He is communicating something to us, He is authoring something, He is doing something...and we're able to listen and pay attention and recognize that Jesus is doing something."

Check out this new video at the LK10 Resources Website, then scroll to the bottom of the page.

What are your thoughts about SASHET as a tool?  Share them below in the Comments.


  1. I'm in Florida this week visiting my mom. (Tim Pynes did today's post.) When I'm here, my mom always wants me to lead her Monday morning Bible Study. This morning I taught the whole group SASHET (about 15 people). By the time we were done, there were many tears around the table as people talked about joys and sorrows. One man, who is about 75 shared that he was angry at God (and felt guilty about it). In the last 2 years he has lost his wife, his daughter and his son-in-law. This flowed into a profound discussion about what the Bible says about being angry at God. Once again, SASHET was the tool that the Lord used to open hearts and deepen community.

  2. We had our simple church gathering this weekend, and each shared SASHET. One of the women said it was an awful week, and her emotions were all over the place, possibly due to a new illness she has. She chose a word not from SASHET to describe her overall feelings of 'chaotic' and 'scattered'. As she shared, I was reminded of John's and Tod's instruction to try to stay with the SASHET words to define our feelings. She shed tears as she shared how she was feeling. We asked her again to narrow down what she was feeling, and when she admitted to 'scared' about her health and confusion, she could then deal what was really bothering her. She felt out of control with her health issues, and couldn't figure things out. Once she said she was afraid of the possible results, and not trusting Jesus through all of it, we realized how we needed to pray on her behalf.
    Sometimes I don't like using only SASHET, but there seems to be some real reasoning behind it. The exactness of it, and the depth it can account for was evidenced with us this weekend. I appreciate 'digging deeper' to get honest with each other, and even more important to get honest with ourselves. It really opened our eyes to the issues she - and we - needed to deal with.

  3. We found it helpful in a fellowship gathering as well. About three weeks ago the meeting was unusual. Several new people came, all at different times during the two hour span. We decided to use SASHET to help us break through the disjointedness. What a blessing! It ushered in a lovely time of prayer afterward.