Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Barth Hotel (2)

Mission flows from listening (not strategic planning). See Jn. 5:19.

Hugh and Shawn checked with the manager of the Barth Hotel (see picture) and got a list of the needs of the residents. Then, they sent an email to the Denver Network letting them know what the Lord had directed them to do. They invited the people in the Network to ask the Lord if they were to join in. Here are some of the responses they received...

Hello Hugh: We will join you (me and my wife, Tanya) in blessing the residents at the Barth Hotel on Tuesday, December 29. We can bring socks, hot cocoa, hot cider, juice, or cookies. As we get closer to the event and you hear from others, let us know what to bring. In the meantime I’ll be on the lookout for tube socks – and I’ll begin baking cookies as well. -Phil

I am going to be out of town but I will pray for you all, and those you meet...Hugh, your obedience shows your love for the Lord..."I am proud of my son"~God -Brittani

Cool, it looks like a lot of things are getting taken already. We will bake 6 - 8 dozen cookies for the evening. Count my 78 year old mom in. Also we have one Domino game, Jan, Tina and Kalia

My church purchased 60 pairs of tube socks yesterday. If others have already purchased socks, then we can return some of them and get other items that are needed. Kara and I can also supply a CD player with a large mix of Christmas songs. I have approximately 90 Christmas songs that I can burn to a CD to make it easier than needing to switch CDs frequently. May we be humble vessels for the Lord, Nick

Natural, organic, spontaneous, unexhorted.

The new paradigm.


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