Thursday, December 10, 2009


I loved this story from Brittani Flory in Denver, CO. Notice that she found a word that exactly described where her heart was and then used that as a starting place for conversation with her Papa.


"The other day when I was checking in with God I was struggling to identify where I was at emotionally. I heard God say, “Get your feelings sheet” ( I have a sheet of several ‘feeling’ words that I use to broaden my feeling vocab and enrich my awareness). I thought to myself, “but God its all the way over there” (aprox 10 feet away on the couch).

I then realized how lazy this was and on the few steps to retrieve the sheet I shared my thoughts with God; “God, there are so many words on this sheet how am I going to know which one?” I heard God say, “trust me”. I sat down and just sort of let my eyes meander the sheet and they quickly came across the word “milquetoast” (I’ve used this sheet several times and have never even noticed this word)

milque·toast (mĭlk'tōst') n. One who has a meek, timid, unassertive nature.

Before I even looked up the definition I just pictured milk-toast. I have never used this word to describe my feelings nor have I even heard of it ( I don’t think I’ve ever used ‘nor’ either! But it works!). It was exactly how I was feeling! What I heard from God when I discovered this word was, “That’s it!” From that point on we were able to dialogue about this milquetoast feeling I was having, where it came from, what triggered it, and how it was transformed into a way to describe my heart (which is partly wanting to live a passionate life with God—very opposite of milquetoast).

This was so helpful! I’ve since asked for God’s help to identify emotions and He has both brought words to mind and asked me to walk 10ft. to the couch to get my feelings sheet…its been worth the trip every time."

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