Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kent Smith (4): Tools

What are some tools that can help people better understand and engage the vibrant community life we have been considering?

Let me suggest three:

· Keep reading—and engaging with—"Stories From the Revolution". With your help we’ll continue to work to make this blog a steady source of practical and encouraging interaction with the growing community of people on this journey. I find it really helpful to have Feedblitz send me every new post. You can do the same by signing up in the right hand column here (on the site).

· Read Centered, the ebook I wrote with some friends as a brief introduction to this vibrant life. You can now get it in either the Kindle or DNL format here: thecenteredlife.net.

· Explore the resources at: LK10Resources.com. We’ll continue to populate this site with great tools to help practitioners.

What if you feel called to join the Peace Bearers (ie, church planters) in bringing the Kingdom news to new pockets of people?

· Join LK10.com A community of practice for church planters. Connect with over 500 people from around the world who are actively exploring life on mission with God. Discover people from your area who are on a similar journey.

· Consider apprenticing with a community-of-faith-in-training. This could be informal with people in your city or region who are already on this journey. For some a great option is to consider formal training, such as the program I direct at Abilene Christian University leading to a master’s degree in missions or ministry.

These are amazing days. What is possible now has never been so before. But as always, in the midst of this, God is at work to form his Bride and to establish his Kingdom among all peoples. And we have been invited to join him—each of us uniquely—in this great mission.

As you think about our mission and what tools are available either through our community or others, what needs to be done better? What else do you think would be helpful?


  1. What program do I need to read the download "Centered"?

  2. I downloaded it to the Kindle on my iPhone from Amazon. It's really a beautiful little book!

  3. Kent, is 'Centered' available in print form as well? It would make a great gift for a number of people I know - an ebook doesn't have the same 'giveableness' about it.

    If not, would you consider publishing through a print on demand supplier? They would print small numbers on demand for Amazon etc.

  4. Chris, thanks for the comment. The short answer is, not yet. Color images are such a significant piece of what Centered intends to do and color print on demand for a book this size costs more than we want people to pay. I am looking into some other options though, and will let everyone know as we find a solution.