Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CO2 - The Hyatt Family (3)

There's lots of talk these days about "the missional church". The thinking is that the church needs to stop being so inwardly focused and become concerned about the needs of the world. We are told that this is accomplished by exhorting believers to change their focus and become more concerned about the lost and needy.

In the short video below, Sean tells a story that illustrates the alternative approach that LK10 takes towards becoming missional. Being missional is certainly a good thing. But, how this comes about is the critical element.

We believe that Jesus followers become more missional not by focusing on mission and trying harder but rather by focusing on listening to God. In other words, mission is not the starting place but rather the by-product of hearing God's voice. This kind of mission is natural, spontaneous and joyful.

So, two questions to ponder as you watch the video...

1. Imagine if there were hundreds (or thousands) of households in your city who were doing what the Hyatts are doing. What kind of learning would be going on in the hearts and minds of the children in those families? Doesn't this kind of "Christian education" beat what goes on in most Sunday School classes?

2. And, imagine the cumulative effect of hundreds (or thousands) of small family-centered "mission projects". How would that impact your city or region?

Your thoughts?



  1. We recently did S.A.S.H.E.T. as a family. That is, my wife, my five year old daughter, and me. My wife and I had practiced this tool in various settings before, but doing it as a family with our 5 year old was pretty awesome.

  2. I would love to hear more about why it was awesome with your 5 year old.

  3. It was just a great moment of family sharing -- hard to put into words really. My wife made the comment that this is one of the times we should be video recording. What will probably be fascinating for you is that I had been asking her (our daughter) if she would like to pray, but she wasn't in the mood. But after the three of us shared together she was the first one to pray. That has happened when the three of us are praying together in the past as well, but I think the resource enhances it.