Friday, July 23, 2010

Women in MRTs?

Yesterday's post featured a video of one of the Denver MRTs sending greetings to a similar group in New Zealand. In the video, five men share some of what they appreciate about their team.

Carolyn Spencer (Clovis, NM) responded with an important question...

Hi, Are all the seven MRT's (in Denver) a group of guys only? Is connecting together this way something done more easily when its just a group of guys, or is it just as effective when its mixed company? Would this group be as comfortable if a female leader joined you at Sojourner's Coffee Shop? What is your take on including women in MRT? Carolyn


Thank you for asking this question! Some of the MRTs in Denver do have women members. And, I believe my MRT would actually be more effective if there were women as a part of the team. I believe that female apostolic church planters are just as "called" and just as effective as men. I believe that it is preferable to have a MRT with both men an women.

As you know, we are coming out of a period when women were often limited in their leadership roles in the church. In the Luke Ten Community, we believe that church = family and, in that context, spiritual mothers are just as important as spiritual fathers for a healthy family. I want Luke Ten to be an environment where women are encouraged to function that way both in house churches and as apostolic church planters.

So, Carolyn, thanks for asking that question so that I could clarify our values! And, to both men and women readers, please send me stories where you see women functioning in this kind of leadership.


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