Thursday, July 22, 2010

From Denver to New Zealand

What if there were small groups of Jesus followers meeting weekly to connect with one another and to listen to God for their city or region. And, what if these groups were so simple that they could multiply rapidly?

That's what an MRT is. The initials stand for Missional Resource Team. MRTs form around two practices or rhythms that allow for structure without hierarchy. In addition to six groups in Denver, the concept has spread organically to many other locations.

In the video below, a Denver MRT shares what they are learning and sends greetings to a group in New Zealand.



  1. Hi, Are all the seven MRT's a group of guys only? Is connecting together this way something done more easily when its just a group of guys, or is it just as effective when its mixed company?

    Would this group be as comfortable if a female leader joined you at Sojourner's Coffee Shop? What is your take on including women in MRT? Carolyn

  2. carolyn,
    great question.
    thanks for asking something that maybe a lot of ladies have been wondering.
    the short answer is that no, not all of the mrts are just "dudes groups".
    in fact tim's wife brittany will be joining us for a while as tim and brittany will probably be starting their own mrt at some point.
    we have had peg batchellor join us as well and she started another mrt for southern colorado/northern new mexico.
    ladies are "more than welcome".

  3. Hi Guys,

    I'm really encouraged to see things developing with Lk10 community, especialy with the MRT.

    I'm here in Sacramento area. I'm part of a denomination. I'm looking for leaders who are open to God's new way of stirring the church.

    I need this kind of encouragement.This is a kind of a radical and revolutionary way of being church.

    It's hard for people to grasp it. It's taking time. Even the friends that are interested to see a new church started, are slipping back to the established one they are attending. They are looking for the "services" that an established one offers.

    I hope I would be able to join you in the national conference. Please pray for God's provision and the schedule, too.


  4. Hey Wilfred, Good to hear from you!

    It is hard for people (who've lived their whole life in traditional church) to grasp this way of doing/being church. The encouraging thing is that, little by little, the "virus" is spreading. Here's a link to an article that was on the front page of the Denver Post last week:

    Wilfred, if you are interested in learning more about MRTs, shoot me an email.