Saturday, July 9, 2011

Top Ten Reasons for using SASHET in your church

* Top Ten Reasons for starting simple church by using SASHET to "check in" with each other...

#2. It helps me know what part of me is present. How many times have we gone to church meetings without thinking deeply about where our own hearts are? As a result, we end up merely "going through the motions". We relate on a superficial level. But, when I take time to think through SASHET (Sad - Angry - Scared - Happy - Excited - Tender), I can be authentic with my community. I present my "true self" and the result is meaningful relationships with both the community and with God.

What benefits have you found from "checking in"? Add your thoughts in the "Comment" section below. Also, if you are new to SASHET and the CO2 concept, see the resources in the right column.

*Letters to the House Church Movement by Rad Zdero. Chapter Four is titled "Letter to Women in House Churches". Rad comments that "Women (in the early church) were full participants in church life and mission. They could pray, prophesy, teach, encourage, and use all their spiritual gifts." He lists a number of roles that women functioned in. One particularly significant role was that of apostle. "Women were apostles. In Rom. 16:7, Paul greets two outstanding apostles. One is a man named Andronicus. The other person's name, however could either be read "Junias" (male) or "Junia" (female), ... the evidence overwhelmingly favors the female name "Junia." p. 50. (Rad goes on in the book to outline that evidence.)

When we pray Lk10:2b, we beseech the Lord of the harvest to send forth both male and female apostolic church planters! And, it's happening!

Perhaps you've seen the video below - Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy. What are the lessons for the LK10 Community?

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