Saturday, July 23, 2011

SASHET transforms families

The value is for connecting on the heart level.

One practice that helps us live out that value is "checking in" using SASHET.

By regularly "checking in" using SASHET, the simple church gatherings equip couples, families and households with a powerful transformational tool.

In the video below, Hugh Brandt (who was a missionary in Africa for many years) and Walt Hastings (who is coaching church planters in Kenya) explain how the CO2 (church of two) concept (which includes daily SASHET) is changing families in Kenya. While the African customs may seem strange to us in the west, the reality is that communication around the typical dinner table in the US is often equally superficial.

Both church and family should be what John Eldredge calls "a fellowship of the heart".


(This video also is evidence that the CO2 concept and SASHET are transcultural. People in every culture have emotions and need ways to connect with each other on a heart level.)

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