Monday, July 18, 2011

Top Ten Reasons for using SASHET in your church (#6)

* Top Ten Reasons for starting simple church by using SASHET to "check in" with each other...

#6. It's simple (but profound). SASHET is so simple that it can be explained in ten minutes. And, then, it can be immediately put into practice.

Over 10 years ago, the Lord gave us the term "simple church" as a way of explaining house church. He said, "This is a way of doing church that is so simple that any follower of Jesus can say, "I can do that!" " Simple church does not require a seminary education. It doesn't take years of training. It's a concrete expression of the priesthood of all believers. (1 Pt. 2:5, 9) And, SASHET is a "tool" that makes simple church simple.

SASHET is like baseball. It is simple enough that five year olds can enjoy playing T-ball on their first day. Yet, it is so profound that grown men (and women) can devote their entire lives to mastering its subtleties. (To clarify: SASHET is only a tool. The goal is learning to pay attention to our own hearts and the hearts of others. To do this well takes both coaching and experience.)

*Physical training teaches us about spiritual training. In 1 Tim. 4:7-8, Paul writes, "Train yourself for spiritual fitness (or godliness)". The word for "train" is gymnazo from which we get gymnastics. I'm going to begin to post short videos about physical fitness that can teach us about spiritual fitness. Notice the role of the coach in the process of "skill transfer". Who is coaching you?

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