Monday, February 28, 2011

CO2 virus spreading around the world

Margie James, who is part of the Australian Cohort in the LK10 Apprenticeship, just returned from India where she and her husband attended the Global Summit on Market Ministries. (Speakers included Victor Choudrie, Tony Dale and Wolfgang Simson.)

Margie was delighted to find the CO2 "virus" spreading there in India.

Here's her report...

"...let me tell you about several people we met at the Global Summit who were doing CO2 or had completed The Apprenticeship! We had much to share and I was HAPPY to tell everyone about our Aussie Apprentice Cohorts!

Almost 200 delegates from around the world were introduced to the smallest form of church and we shared some of the practices with those who were interested to know more. Some already were aware of and others were eager to know! We were able to direct them to the LK.10 website! It was awesome to meet people on the same heart journey!"

Maree Watson, who is also part of the Australian Cohort responds... "Beautiful! and how fab that the co2 virus is spreading all around the world."

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