Thursday, February 24, 2011

Apprenticeship: Daily?

I appreciate the way so many of you have responded thoughtfully to my message about recommitting to the daily rhythms of the Apprenticeship.

Here are two of the comments...

"Listened to John's encouragement to be faithful to our committment in the apprenticeship. It really is important to meet daily. We are seeing results from those who are meeting daily on facebook. I also want to encourage everyone to set up your coaching appointments. Cathy had her first one with Wade last night and she was surprised on what came out. She said it was unexpected and powerful."

"I watched the video that John White made about commitment to checking in and such. This apprenticeship has been life changing to me. This is so exciting to me and I enjoy practicing what I learn and hear. I really liked how John mentioned about reaching out to the ones that haven't spoke so much. So I want my friends to know that I really enjoy the input that is given in this group because it helps me learn and grow. Everyone here is so amazingly gifted by God and each of you have touched my life in some way! So thanks a bunches! ♥"

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