Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Message from John to the Apprenticeship

As we enter the Fourth Week of the Apprenticeship, I have an important message for everyone who is on this journey. Please watch the video below and discuss it on your cohort forum this week.

I also want to encourage you with just a few of the many excellent postings from the various cohorts. Thanks so much for the time and effort you are investing!


"I am learning to talk to the Holy Spirit during this Apprenticeship. Never done that before so much. But, it feels refreshing to ask questions to the right person. I really like the concept of seeing the Holy Spirit as The Coach."

(After watching the interview with Mark Virkler) "God is using this man and the revelation about hearing God's voice through tuning into the flow of spontaneous thoughts and journaling to radically change people and bring them into intimacy with Himself. I am one."

"Listening and tuning into flow has become a part of my day as naturally as relating to my own family. I cannot go a day without touching base with Jesus, it is so natural to listen now... I want to recognize His voice each day even in the most mundane activities. It still thrills me each time I journal. It is a miracle!"

"Checking in tonight as excited because I just had a conversation with Jesus. I watched the last three videos for the week and really liked what Marty said about making the switch from "missional" to "incarnational". I asked the Lord what that looks like to really have His word in me and living that out in my life. I felt like He said "I just want to live My life with you, in you and through you. It's simple really. You don't have to make it hard, you don't have to make stuff up. Just listen to what I have to say and then let that lead you throughout your day. Don't stop talking to me or listening to me just because you get busy. I'm right there with you in the middle of your life. Don't stop the conversation. I'll keep talking to you, leading you. Pay attention to the still small voice inside you and you'll see Me at work throughout your day, your week, your life." I look forward to what He's going to say tomorrow, or even tonight while I sleep. Good night to my fellow God-listeners."

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  1. Thank you John, amazingly, before I saw this video, I spoke with Hobby in my coaching call about my struggles with engaging and committing on a daily basis. I discovered it was an issue of the heart around my motivation for the apprenticeship. I went into it for a ministry tool for helping with our streets ministry instead of desiring God to take me to a deeper level of intimacy with Him and learning more about how to connect relationally at a heart level with God, myself and others. Since discovering that, and pressing through I have had a huge breakthrough in hearing the Lord. I believe I heard Him say to me that in seeking Him with all of my heart, He will handle the rest.