Saturday, February 5, 2011

Micro loans and house churches

LK10 Apprenticeship: The Larger Story

One of the seven cohorts in the Apprenticeship is the African Cohort which is coached by Walt Hastings and Hobby Chapin. This Cohort consists of African house church leaders (most are from Kenya) in 6 CO2s.

One of Walt's recent coaching calls illustrates a key value that we hold in LK10. That is, that "mission flows from listening". There is much talk today about "the missional church". But, the question is how does a church (or an individual) become "missional". Our belief is that someone doesn't become missional by focusing on being missional. Rather, mission is a by-product of listening to God. We encourage people to focus on listening (rather than mission) and we see mission flowing naturally and spontaneously from that.

This story from Walt is a great illustration of this principle! As you listen to this interview, also listen to the Coach (the Paraklete) and see if He wants you to join Walt in exploring this project. If He does, email Walt at

One last thing, if you are reading this, please share this with your cohort and encourage them to watch this video. Thanks!


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  1. That is AWESOME!

    I saw this video the other day and it seems like a good follow-up to this thought about micro-lending and missions.