Monday, November 30, 2009

CO2 and making disciples (4)

The fourth reason that a CO2 is an excellent tool for making disciples is that it is so simple. In this way, it's like baseball.

Baseball is both simple and profound. It is simple enough that five year olds can enjoy playing T-ball on their first day. Yet, it is so profound that grown men (and women) can devote their entire lives to mastering its subtleties.

A CO2 is very simple and easy to explain.

CO2 = 2 people + SASHET + VIRKLER + DAILY.

You don't need a workbook or a conference or a twelve week course to get started. Just start. In ten minutes, a person can understand it well enough to begin to practice it successfully. On the other hand, a CO2 can be the starting point for deep and profound transformation.

And, as Neil Cole has said, only that which is simple can multiply rapidly. Think of CO2 as a benevolent Kingdom virus that could spread throughout your whole city.

Who will you "infect" today?



  1. I took dinner to some friends of mine last evening, and during our meal the wife opened up quite freely about the struggles she's having with their adult children making poor choices in their lives. She was obviously quite concerned about them, and asked how she, as a parent, should respond to them. After the meal, we did SASHET together for the first time. Then we took some time to Listen to God, to hear what He had to say. We spent some time in prayer, and walked away knowing God showed up.
    This morning I received an email from her saying she and her husband will continue doing SASHET together. She admitted to not knowing how to hear God very well, but knows she needs to learn that. I sent her the flyer on CO2, and gave a few more hints on how to listen more clearly. I also offered to spend time with her listening to God together. I invited her to meet together in the next couple weeks, and assured her I would be standing with her for her family.
    As John wrote above, "A CO2 is very simple and easy to explain."

  2. Peg,

    Great story! Excellent illustration of how easy it is to pass on the basics of a CO2. Even more than that, you demonstrate the value of "doing it with them". This is the best kind of teaching! It is especially true of the "listening to God" part. It's amazing how many Christians have almost no experience doing this. They need teaching on it but what they really need is the experience of actually doing it with someone. Way to go, Peg!