Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CO2: Ten Pairs

Noah Cremisino leads a house church of mostly young adults in Denver, CO. Here's how he introduced CO2s to his church. Notice how they used listening to find out who to pair with.

"This week, as a house church, I challenged everyone to "CO2" with someone for 2 weeks. We spent time in silence praying and asking God who we should pair with and each person got someone (not a single overlap either - amazing!!) that they are going to pray and share with daily. So far it looks like we have around 10 pairs.

After the two weeks we're going to talk about how it went and hopefully make it part of our daily experience in life.Pray for us as we go - that we'd really find deep fusion in the small clusters - that they would be transformational on the deepest level.

Also - as I was explaining it, we got into a discussion about the principle of pairs. Almost everything in the universe is built on pairs from sub-atomic structure to galactic bodies... if you dig into it you'll always find that a pair of something is essential for it's stability. You disassemble the pairs (split an atom for example) and often the entire unit destructs. Chromosomes - the body deconstructs. Protons/Neutrons - the atom becomes unstable. Male/Female - no procreation / families deconstruct. Etc. etc. -- Just some thoughts...

Anyway - I'll let you know how it all goes."

Thanks, Noah! Looking forward to hearing about the "experiment".



  1. I love what I (and apparently others from this website) am learning about 'listening together' for what God is wanting to say to us. Listening is so crucial to walking in His will. Lauri and I were talking tonight about how "in between" we feel at this point in our journey. We are being led from one place, and yet haven't arrived at the next place in our journey together in our ministry and simple church. One thing we know.... we will press on to listen together, and continue doing 'only what we see the Father doing." What a challenge!

  2. John,
    Ok, it took me a while to see the 'pears' in the picture. Duh. I'm a little slow on the uptake. Thanks for your creativity, and your continued encouragement!
    10 pears/pairs.... good one!