Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CO2 "virus" spreads to South Asia

We continue to see the amazing capacity of CO2s to spread in a viral manner. Recently, a Campus Crusade Regional Director from South Asia (name and location withheld for security) spent a week here in Denver with one of my CO2 partners, Hugh Brandt.

Here's Hugh's report...

"We introduced our friend to many Christians here in Denver and visited several house churches where he was impressed with the level of honesty and depth. We also introduced him to the "church of two" concept. He said that this was perfect timing because he had recently realized that the once-a-week meetings with the students they were disciplining was not adequate. He saw immediately that daily CO2s were the answer for effective disciplemaking. As a result, he decided that he would teach this to his staff so that they could then teach it to the students. As a first step, he and I have begun doing a CO2 via Skype. God is at work - between Denver and South Asia!"

Hugh's story highlights one of the important lessons we've learned so far. That is, that actually doing a CO2 with someone (even for just a week) is more effective than just giving them the CO2 Flyer to read. Hugh - we're looking forward to hearing what you are learning as you do a CO2 via Skype with someone on the other side of the world!

Your comments?



  1. I know missionaries in all parts of the world, just as many of us do. Last night, I realized that CO2 (and this blog) is something that I can share with them as it is common and desirable to Christians everywhere. Not sure why that hadn't occurred to me before, maybe the Holy Spirit was just waiting for the right time to reveal it to my mind....

  2. We are using skype for prayer meetings in our church. It is a great tool for discipleship. We call our groups as Skype Prayer Warriors Group.