Thursday, November 12, 2009

CO2: Miss me?

Turns out that our free Feedblitz account ended after a month (which I didn't realize). Feedblitz are (is?) the folks that send my posts out to you as an email.

As a result, some of our most recent posts have shown up on the blog site but may not have been sent out to each of you. My apologies! (I'm still learning about this blogging business.)

I've upgraded our Feedblitz account and future posts should show up in your email box.

Go to our blog site to check out my most recent post which is a very exciting story about the CO2 "virus" spreading to South Asia.

I'm more convinced than ever that Jesus' principle of pairs (CO2s) has the potential to literally change the culture of today's church around the world. Of course, pairs are only the context or container. The power comes from learning to hear God's voice and learning to live from the hearts Jesus gave us.

Your stories of what God is doing are key to all of this. Keep'em coming!


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