Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why Share our Emotions?

Connecting with our emotions, and with our heart, is a skill that allows us to connect with others.   As we learn to connect with our own hearts and the hearts of others, we are also - at the same time - developing our ability to connect with God.  Another way of saying this is that as we work on the skill of tuning into the "frequency" of our emotions, we are also fine tuning our ability to connect with the ongoing frequency of God which is always on and always available if we will plug into our receiver.

In this new video, John White and Kent Smith address the question, "Why Share our Emotions?"  You can check it out by going to the LK10 Resources website and scrolling to the bottom of the page. 

What do you think about the importance of connecting to your own heart and emotions?  What have you learned as you have practiced this discipline of paying attention to the emotions that show up in your heart and in the heart of your C02 partner?  Share your thoughts in the Comments, below.

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  1. Well Lori and I talked alot about this. What was sashet doing for us... And we found that our emotions throughout the day could be all over the board sometimes, and just thinking about sashet would make us more aware of them. But also we would ask w/ this question - what is the condition of your heart? And the initial emotion we might be feeling might not be the core emotion when asking that question... And to boil it down to just what are feelings were before God that day - where was our heart really truly at - was eye-opening and very honest w/ ourselves personally. I don't know - I guess I believe there is something healthy about realizing our feelings, yet not letting them control me. But being honest before God with them. And when I get it out there to God, then He can do His work, and heal my heart, or encourage me or whatever it is He desires to do in my heart. He is the catalyst of change in my life and when I'm honest with Him about where I'm at, it's the difference between a tight fist, and an open hand - one is going to "grin and bear it" and fight on through w/ independant self-will, and the other is open to receive and dependant on God.

    I had mentioned before that I was wanting to teach this to my kids as well. So I bought them both a journal and to begin our homeschool day, we talk about our SASHET and I have them write: "I feel __________ today." and then we talk about it and the why of it, and it's actually brought a deeper level of communication between us already. I love that. Well those are some of my thoughts!

    Be blessed!