Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The 10:2b Virus (1)

Over the next few days, I'll be sharing an interview with Jim and Kathy Mellon who are church planters in Killeen, TX. For several years they have been faithfully praying the prayer that Jesus instructed His followers to pray in Luke 10:2b...

Beseech the Lord of the Harvest to thrust out laborers into the harvest.

In addition to the video below which is the first part of my interview with Jim and Kathy, I just received the following email from Jim. As you read what Jim wrote and watch the videos over the next few days, I want you to pay attention to the idea that "God does the heavy lifting". That is, that mission isn't something we strain to do. ("We must be more missional!") Rather, it's something that flows almost effortlessly from prayer.


Email from Jim...

I am excited that we had 5 unbelievers at our HC meeting yesterday. The guy who hosted this particular meeting is a recently retired army Sargent [3 tours in Iraq and a Bronze star]. He had a poker game at his house Saturday night and invited the guys to church at his house Sunday morning. One guy brought his wife and was pretty quiet. One guy confessed that "He is the worse sinner in the room because he use to know the Lord and has been backslid for years" He rededicated his life in front of everyone and wants to be mentored. Another young solder shared that he has had a pulling towards God recently and couldn't believe he was sitting in a church meeting. The last guy sat in the kitchen while the meeting was going on. I sat with him as we had coffee and he shared that he was having trouble integrating after his recent return from Iraq. The whole group spent the afternoon eating and watching football. I look forward to what the Lord will do with this group of soldiers.

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