Saturday, September 11, 2010

Listening to God: The three Ts

In today's video below, my good friend, Dr. Kent Smith (professor at the Graduate School of Theology at ACU), explains the three practices or rhythms that are the focus of the Apprenticeship for all three cohorts. (BTW, Kent's wife, Karen, is in the background.)
1. First practice. Individually spending time with Jesus as close to every day as possible. Entering into that intimate conversational relationship. This is the starting place and foundation for everything else.
2. Second practice. Connecting with one other person on the heart level as close to daily as possible. Sharing what we are hearing from God. This is the CO2 (church of two). This is the basic building block for every larger expression of church.
3. Third practice. Connecting with a spiritual family on a heart level at least once each week. Listening to God together. (called house church, simple church, etc.)
Note that Kent is introducing a new way to talk about how we listen to God which he calls the three “Ts”. Turn-tune-take.
1. Turn your attention to God. Quiet yourself. Fix your attention on God.
2. Tune into spontaneous thoughts and emotions. We believe that this is often how the Spirit communicates with us.
3. Take note of what you hear. Write it down. Two way journaling.


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