Saturday, September 18, 2010

CO2 in Australia (3)

Today is the last segment of my interview with Maree Watson from Australia. Here are some things that strike me in this video (see below)...

*Mission flows spontaneously from listening. No one told Maree that she "should" reach out to her friends. She very naturally saw that her shop (she's a hairdresser) is her place of ministry. And, she understands that most of her clients would never set foot in a church building but they enjoy coming into her shop.

*Maree has a sense from the Lord that it's time to begin to focus outward and she has been praying for a "person of peace" (The 10:2b Prayer). (Note: When you pray this prayer daily, it changes your "vision". You begin to watch expectantly for God's answers.) In the video, Maree tells about a "divine encounter" with a woman who may be an answer.

*Maree's story also illustrates the idea that a "person of peace" has already been prepared by God to hear the message even though they might not yet be a follower of Jesus. Reaching out to unbelievers in this way is not about mastering the subject of apologetics. Instead, it's about being alert to those in whom God has been working preveniently.

Lord of the Harvest, we join with Maree today in beseeching you to thrust out many people of peace and many church planters in Australia and connect them with Maree. We pray that her life and her shop will be full of your presence to such a degree that people will come from miles around to get some of what she's got. May many become passionate followers of You and listeners to You as a result of her teaching. May many vibrant families of Jesus be birthed from her ministry.


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  1. Well, praying for a person of peace makes us look at whether we actually fits that description. At least it does for me... so now we are on a serious journey to become one. Not by trying, so much as by listening and obeying...