Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apprenticeship Week One

I'll be reporting from time to time on how the Apprenticeship is going. In the video below, Tim Pynes tell about the first week with his cohort.

Each week there are learning assignments. The first week's assignments focused on learning about and then implementing the "church of two" (CO2). Each individual reports in their Discussion Forum what they are learning/experiencing. See below for a quote from one of the guys in Tim's cohort.

P.S. The Ning site that Tim mentions in the video is not


My wife and I have been doing C02 together over the past week. It has been awesome to have a daily check-in where we focus on our relationship with the Lord together. It's so easy to get busy around the house, cleaning up after the kids, and collapsing on the bed in exhaustion without making a focused effort to encounter Father together. It's been great. I'm thankful for the dynamic of doing C02 with my spouse.

The most surprising thing I encountered by using the SASHET method was an awareness of the state of my heart. I am a very driven, task-oriented person. It's easy for me to ignore the posture of my heart.

By using SASHET, it forced me to slow down and recognize how I am feeling. I like how John says that intimacy is the result of mutual self-disclosure. (JW: Actually, this is Kent Smith's quote!) As I recognize my intimate heart-posture and share that with my wife and with Father, I feel a deeper level of intimacy developing.

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