Sunday, September 12, 2010

Smith Cohort (3)

In the video below, Dr. Kent Smith talks about the third practice, meeting together as a family of Jesus. His comments help us understand why house church is so much more than changing venues from a special “church” building to a home. It is, in fact, a “whole different animal”. Failure to understand this has resulted in some people becoming disillusioned with house church.

One of the goals of the Apprenticeship is to train followers of Jesus in how to meet in such a way that we take seriously the fact that Jesus is the Head of His church. He is no longer the “honored guest” in our gatherings. Rather, He is “the master of ceremonies”. He brings the agenda when we meet. This changes everything!

And, church becomes very simple. Listen to each other’s hearts. Listen to Jesus’ heart. Everything else flows from that.

So, watch the video below.




  1. I am checking in as being somewhat axious and excited about being part of the third cohort with Tim Pynes. The videos are very helpful. Q: Will each cohort have a FB community or all the cohorts together?


  2. Dean,

    I wrote you an email on this but it occurs to me that I should also respond here so that others can see my answer. There are two virtual cohorts - Tim's and mine. Each will have it's own discussion forum. Mine will be a Facebook group. Tim's will be a Ning site. We'll see which works best.

    Then, I'll be sharing things that all three cohorts are learning here on this blog. Glad you are going to be part of this, Dean!