Thursday, September 16, 2010

CO2 in Australia (1)

Every CO2 story is unique and carries with it important lessons that we all can learn from. In the first part of my interview below with Maree Watson from Australia, I was impressed with several things.

First, we can see that the simple CO2 "virus" is easy to catch. Maree didn't even catch it from another person but from our website. She read the instructions and began doing it on her own. (See the CO2 resources in the right column of this blog. There is a video, an eBook and a brochure explaining how a "church of two" works.)

The second thing I see is that the Lord had prepared her by creating a spiritual hunger. She was "earnestly wanting to hear God's voice". Then, the Lord prepared a partner for her who responded eagerly when she heard about the CO2 concept. This reminds us that our job is not to try to talk anyone into a CO2 but to look for those whom the Lord has prepared.


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