Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CO2 and 10 2b - Going Viral

At the National House Church Conference, I had the opportunity to interview Tony Dale who is one of the founders and leaders of House2House Ministries. Tony and his wife, Felicity, had just returned from a trip to the Philippines and to Australia. Tony had remarked to me that he was hearing talk of CO2s and of the 10:2b Prayer in both places. See the video below for his comments.

Malcolm Gladwell in The Tipping Point explains that some ideas, if they are "sticky" enough, can spread like viruses. These ideas are said to be "sneeze-able". They spread easily and rapidly from one person to the next. I believe that this is part of the explanation for the rapid spread of the Gospel in the first few centuries. And, I believe that this is at the heart of the current house church movement. It's not about huge organizations and massive marketing campaigns. Rather, God is using simple but powerful ideas spreading from person to person to bring deep and lasting impact.

Praying for the spontaneous and viral spread of vibrant families of Jesus,


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