Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10:2b - From Eastern Europe to central Texas

The fourth of seven practices that the LK10 Community is committed to is obedience to Jesus' command in Lk 10:2 to "beseech the Lord of the harvest to send forth workers". Jim and Cathy Mellon (as well as many others) have been praying this prayer for the Killeen area of Texas. See

So, what does it look like when the Lord of the harvest answers that prayer? See the video below for Wade Adams' (thank you, Wade!) interview with Roger Russell. Here are some of the things that jump out at me...

1. Roger is an experienced, mature "worker". (Sometimes we ask that God would send us people who are "fully formed".)
2. Roger has undergone a "radical personal transformation" from "strategic planning" to listening to God.
3. Roger is clear that God has called him to central Texas to plant churches. He has a vision for that region and then the whole country and the world.

What jumps out at you in the interview?

Note: Roger and Wade and Jim are part of an MRT (an apostolic team) that meets at a Starbucks every week to listen for God's instructions re church planting in their part of Texas.



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  2. God sometimes speaks softly, and children are precious because they do hear him. this isn't hard. Watch the little video...