Monday, October 11, 2010

Listening (to God) is learnable (2)

Marty Reiswig is a church planter in Aurora which is east of Denver. Hobby Chapin is a church planter in Brighton which is north of Denver.

In the second part of this video interview (see below), Marty tells about "shadowing" Hobby as a way to learn to hear God and to see how this relates to leading house churches. I love the attitude that both of these guys have.

Marty illustrates the humility of a learner. "I want to hang out with you and learn everything I can."

Hobby illustrates the humility of a teacher who isn't "lording it over". "Let's hang out and learn together."

Notice also Marty's observation that Hobby does the same thing at all of his meetings (house church gathering, leaders' meetings, etc.) They check in with each other on the heart level and they talk about what they are hearing from God.

Take a look


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